Dr. Clinton Falk was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. His educational history is stellar; he was Salutatorian upon graduating from Tascosa High School and received his Bachelors degree in Biology from West Texas A&M University. After just 3 years of undergraduate college, Dr. Falk began dental school at The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. Receiving his DDS degree in 2001 with Summa Cum Laude honors, he continued his studies and specialty training in Periodontics and Implants at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. After completing his training, he moved to San Antonio in 2004 to begin his career in Periodontics.

Having an older brother in dental school while Dr. Falk was in college was one of the influential factors in his decision to pursue a career in dentistry. "However, while I was in my first year of dental school, I actually had a periodontal surgery performed on myself. I was treated with a connective tissue graft to correct some gum recession on one of my teeth. I watched the entire procedure and from then on, I knew this was what I wanted to do every day."

CFW Periodontics and Implants provides their patients with state-of-the-art facilities while maintaining a very warm and inviting environment. Patients can enjoy coffee and wifi in the waiting room and TVs in each operatory. With a full service dental surgical facility including a 3D CT scan, Dr. Falk has ensured that the practice is a top notch facility with a highly skilled dental team providing excellent care and wonderful results for all his patients.

Dr. Falk explains the practice’s mission and philosophy. "We provide our patients with the highest level of care and comfort every step of the way. While we always ensure that our top quality and care is given to all of our patients, we give them the best in oral and overall health care." CFW Periodontics and Implants uses the most widely accepted and research based techniques along with the most modern and safe equipment and supplies.

Performing many Therapeutic and Cosmetic surgical procedures ranging from periodontal surgery to dental implants, most of the procedures offer both a therapeutic and cosmetic benefit. Dental implants have become the most popular dental treatment in recent years. Dr. Falk places dental implants for individual tooth replacement to full mouth tooth replacement. Patients can go to the office with a broken front tooth and leave with an implant and tooth the very same day. Dr. Falk also performs full mouth dental implant procedures to restore and replace all teeth in just one day. "A patient does not have to wear dentures anymore and can have a beautiful smile in just one day." Depending on the patient, all procedures can be done with sedation. Sedation dentistry has allowed Dr. Falk to perform all of these dental procedures on patients who have avoided the dentist due to anxiety or a previous "negative" experience.

A vital component of the practice is treating periodontal disease both surgically and non-surgically. A third of the population suffers from periodontal disease which is a chronic bacterial disease which has no cure, but it can be controlled. Many patients are genetically susceptible and diabetics tend to also be highly susceptible. Periodontal disease causes the loss of bone and tissue around the teeth until the tooth becomes loose. "Many procedures are available for these patients to treat the disease so these patients can keep their teeth for as long as possible if not forever. Periodontal surgery can be performed to treat and clean the affected teeth; bone grafting can also be done to help regenerate lost bone around the teeth.

The treatment of periodontal disease has become even more important due to its relationship with overall health. "It has a very close link to diabetes and research has also shown a close link to the heart and other body systems. It has been proven that untreated periodontal patents are at an increased risk for heart attack and stroke. A link has even been shown between periodontal disease and pregnant mothers giving birth to preterm low birth weight babies." Good oral health is very important to a person’s overall health.

Bone grafting is another procedure performed to help teeth that have lost bone to periodontal gum disease, preserve or grow bone in order for dental implants to be placed, and to allow for dental implants to be placed for sinus elevation. Dr. Falk details this; "We all have 2 large sinus cavities in the cheek bones called the maxillary sinus. Many times, the sinus extends down to the roots of the upper back teeth. The sinus lift procedure is utilized to gently move the sinus floor up and allow bone graft to generate. This now allows dental implant placement without penetrating and affecting the sinuses."

Other procedures can correct gum recession and a significant cosmetic procedure offered is to treat what is called a gummy smile. A surgical procedure can be performed on the gingival tissue which removes the excess gum tissue and exposes more of the natural tooth upon smiling. Patients are always amazed on the aesthetic improvements from all of the aforementioned treatments offered by Dr. Falk.

The majority of Dr. Falk’s patients are sent to him by referral from their general dentist. "The dentists I work closely with are exceptional dentists and treat all of their patients as family and I want to continue and build on that relationship. Many of the dental procedures performed require a team effort with their dentist. We stay in constant communication and work synergistically every step of the way."

Prevention and keeping teeth healthy is one of Dr. Falk’s many goals. The more they can educate their patients on oral hygiene and regular dental visits, the healthier the patients will be in the long run. Education and prevention are key. "An untouched tooth will last a patient longer than a treated tooth."

CFW Periodontics and Implants’ main goal is to treat a patient how they would like to be treated. "I want a doctor who sees me in a timely fashion; one who cares, listens and treats me with the best abilities. I make it a point to listen to their every issue and need and personally call each one of my surgical patients every night of the procedure to check on them. I enjoy my profession and helping patients every day is my mission. Every patient I see is important not only to me, but to my entire staff."

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